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Worldwide Water Consultancy is a fully integrated company that provides comprehensive services encompassing every aspect of the water supply industry, from source to tap including its impact on the environment.


to Objectives
To provide long term innovative solutions to present day problems plaguing the water industry
To work towards the sustainability of the water industry
To ensure every human being's right to clean and safe water supply in any part of the world
to Services


  • Planning, design and supervision for all urban and rural water supply projects including dams

  • Managing operation and maintenance of water supply

  • Corporatization/Privatization of the water supply industry

  • Water Crisis Management

  • Regulatory regime for the water industry

  • Non-revenue water reduction

  • Customer services and customer relations

  • Preparing, studying and auditing business plans for sustainable water supply operations

  • Water tariff setting

  • Setting standards and key performance indices for the water industry

  • Water service connections and internal plumbing design

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